Bang On Brewery

Bang On Brewery in Bridgend product shots

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I discovered a local guy that sells real ales and decided to make a purchase. Wales Ales can be found on Facebook and the have a great selection of Welsh craft ales.

One, in particular, caught my eye as it is brewed in my hometown of Bridgend, between Swansea and Cardiff. It is made in a microbrewery by Bang On Brewery on Bridgend industrial estate.
they also have a bar in the Bang On Brewery which opened December 2016 and has up to 4 or 5 beers available. The bar itself came from the vestry in Llanharry Chapel dating back to 1850 and the seating comes from different Welsh chapels. You can look into the brewery from the window of the entrance hall and visiting the Brewery may be possible if staff are not too busy.

I decided to take a couple of bottles into the studio and have a play about with them.
I worked with a two light setup, the first to ensure that the label and lid were clearly visible and the second to make the beer “glow” and to add texture to the wall.