Why Employ a Professional Product Photographer?

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Why would you want to spend money on professional product photography? ??

Every day I see product images on the internet that have been photographed by the company or individual to “save money”. Photographs that have been taken with budget cameras or even mobile phones. Photographs that are badly lit with no though about the background or product placement.

Don’t get me wrong this is the exception and most product images are spot on. Yes you do “save money” initially but in the long run how much does it really cost?

By this I mean how much income are you loosing because your product does not look as good and a competitors? Your product may even be superior, but people in today’s society buy with their eyes, so if it doesn’t look good you are likely to loose sales.

The image on this post is taking things to extremes (surely nobody would advertise Champagne with an image like that?), but I think it illustrates the point perfectly.

The image on the left was a quick snapshot I took with a compact camera with not thought to lighting, background or product placement.

The image on the right is a great example of how the same product can look so different when you use some thought and a lot of know-how.

So, why does it look so different? Some things are obvious,  for example the one on the right has a better background, foreground and it is straight.

Something that might be so obvious straight away is the fact the bottles look slightly different shapes. This is down to the choice of lens and focal length. The image on the left was shot with a lens that is far too wide for the job which has distorted the shape of the bottle.

Lighting plays a major part of the difference. My studio lights were placed in such a way as to excentuate the curve of the bottle.

The actual colour of the label and foil. When I am shooting most commercial work I will yous a grey card which allows me to accurately reproduce the colours.

Lastly a bit of photoshop magic, the image on the right is two shots blended together. When I shot this image I wasn’t 100% happy with the way the label looked, so I took a second shot with different lighting and merged the shots together in photoshop.


Yes product photography can be vastly more expensive than buying a camera and doing it yourself, but ultimately you are likely to make back any money you spend on a professional photo with increased sales.